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Recovery kit

Get your "Recovery Ready" Kit

Businesses that would like to reassure their employees and customers that they are following health and safety best practices can now take the Operation Restart “Recovery Ready” pledge.

By doing so, these businesses are attesting that they are taking every precaution necessary to keep the public safe as the Bryan-College Station community begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. The pledge accompanies the industry-specific best practices and guidelines created by Operation Restart to complement Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s Open Texas guidelines.


Sample Health & Safety Policy and Notice/Sign Templates


Operation Restart is the answer to a charge created by both our cities’ and county’s leadership to provide a program that will assist businesses with guidelines, best practices, and resources they need to quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, safely “Restart” their businesses based on Governor Abbott’s Open Texas Phase 1 Initiative effective May 1st. Leadership from the City of College Station, the City of Bryan, Brazos County, the Brazos County Health District, along with representatives from the private sector, formed the Operation Restart Executive Advisory Committee, which put this charge into motion. This group is in the process of activating as many resources as possible that can assist in communicating this charge to the citizens of Brazos Valley.

Operation Restart immediately formed a community-wide Task Force of city leaders and industry experts representing the major business sectors to assist us in reviewing Governor Abbott’s Open Texas Phase 1 Initiative. Upon review of these guidelines, the Task Force was asked to provide additional best practices they felt were beneficial to build consumer and employee confidence and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their businesses and our community.

Operation Restart will compile Governor Abbott’s Open Texas Phase 1 health protocols and the identified best practices of our Task Force to form one complete list of guidelines that can be used as a resource to open businesses as safely as possible. This resource asks employers, employees, and consumers to pledge to work together in a concerted effort so that businesses and communities can resume normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Operation Restart will house this set of guidelines and best practices on and it will be ever-evolving as new information and updates are provided to us by federal, state, and local officials. We will continue to review ways to effectively communicate these standards to employers, employees, and consumers through checklists, signage, social media, and public service announcements.


Minimum Recommended Health Protocols and Best Practices (PDFs)

In accordance with Governor Abbott’s Open Texas plan, the following are the minimum recommended health protocols.  These also include best practices that were identified by local business owners who were part of the Operation Restart Task Force:


Effective May 1, 2020


Effective May 8, 2020


Effective May 18, 2020


Effective May 22, 2020


Effective May 26, 2020


Effective May 29, 2020


Effective May 31, 2020


Effective June 2, 2010

From the TEA


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